Our Engines

Our Rebuilding Process

 Engine assemblies are completely dissasembled. Blocks, heads, rods and cranks are cleaned, magna-fluxed and checked for cracks. We do not use repaired blocks. All our blocks are crack free. All bolt holes are cleaned and tapped.

Cylinder blocks are precision bored and diamond honed to new pistons and rings. Deck surfaces are milled to provide a correct surface finish for the head gaskets.

Crankshafts are precision ground and micro polished to spec for new rod and main bearings. Oil holes are chamfered to improve lubrication.

All connecting rods are checked and resized to conform to the rod bearings being used. Pistons are hung and piston rings are installed. 

New hardened exhaust valve seats are installed allowing the use of unleaded gas. New guides are installed. Intake and Exhaust valves are replaced with new stainless steel valves, New valve springs, keepers, retainers and seals are installed.  

Engine Assembly

Cylinder heads are checked for cracks and flaws and resurfaced for proper sealing with the block assembly

All our engines are then assembled by skilled engine builders, with over 50 years of experience, with careful attention to detail and cleanliness 

Assembled longblock assemblies are then test run on a sim-test machine where oil preesure, compression and torque are carefully monitored. 

Finished assemblies are then painted to OEM spec or customer specifications then bagged and skidded along with all needed engine gaskets and are ready for shipment. 

New Engine Parts

 Pistons, pins and lock rings
Piston rings
Rod bearings
Main bearings
Cam bearings
Lifters (new or reman)
Timing gears (new or reman)
Oilpump (new or reman)
Intake and exhaust valves
Valve springs
Valve keepers and seals
Spring retainers
Valve guides
All new gaskets and seals